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Occasionally I will indulge myself and build a guitar simply for enjoyment. This guitar which is owned by Rob MacKillop has a torrefied spruce top and cypress back and sides, and is in the style  of Manuel Ramirez although not a copy of a specific instrument. I really wanted a guitar which is typically set up for playing the standard repertoire, not in the flamenco style with which cypress wood is normally associated. Rob strings his guitars with gut trebles and silk-core basses and plays with the flesh of his fingers so the sound is quite authentic for this style of instrument. Check out Rob’s website here.

“Instruments have their Golden Ages, a time when musical styles and instrument construction simply come together to create a perfect union. For the guitar, one such time was initiated by Antonio de Torres, and perfected by his followers, such as Manuel Ramirez and Santos Hernandez. Simon Ambridge is one of only a small handful of luthiers today who have the necessary skills and experience to create a guitar which could stand alongside those of the greats. I’m very lucky to have one such guitar (cypress back and sides), which I string with gut trebles and silk-core basses. It’s a loud guitar, yet it never loses that feeling of intimacy which draws most of us to the instrument. When I play the music of Tárrega, Llobet, Pujol, and others of that Spanish Romantic style, I know the instrument is helping me get as close to their sound world as is possible today. Torres – M. Ramirez – Hernandez – Ambridge: it’s comforting to know they are on my side when I’m playing!”. 

Rob MacKillop

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