Hauser Model

In 2008 I had the opportunity to measure and absorb a fine 1940 Hauser 1 guitar, probably the sister of the ‘Augustine’ Hauser which Julian Bream played for two decades. Both uniquely were tuned to E/E flat, whereas most Hausers are tuned higher, more like F/F sharp. The sound of this 1940 guitar is incredible, with a deep focussed bass and clear bell-like trebles. Also the notes are well separated and the guitar is capable of great projection.

As I had been for many years inspired by the Hauser tradition, I wanted to create a guitar which I could in a sense detach myself from stylistically and remove any decisions relating to design. Since then I have built many guitars based on this instrument with great success and admired by players worldwide, including Julian Bream who purchased one in 2009.

Available in European spruce and Indian rosewood, the dimensions are as follows:

Width of upper bout 280mm; width of waist 237mm; width of lower bout 367mm; depth of body 89-98mm; scale length 650mm. Resonance typically E/F.

Hauser 1 often decorated the bridges of his guitars with mother of pearl dots and a matching veneer on the tie block. Contrary to some theories I don’t believe these were an indication of the box resonance. These details are optional on my Hauser model, as is the head veneer central inlay strip.

Finished in French polish of shellac, fitted with Rodgers or Klaus Scheller tuning machines and supplied with a Hiscox Pro2 case.

“I actually own a 1940 Hauser but recently acquired one of Simon’s Hauser inspired guitars so I could have a workhorse instrument to play around town. Honestly I’ve compared the two guitars side by side for hours on end, and they sound so close, it’s scary. I failed a blindfold test and picked his copy as being the real thing. It really is that close. I cannot recommend him highly enough . I challenge anyone to make a more accurate ‘Hauser’ , acoustically and aesthetically”.

David Munday

Julian Bream playing Simon Ambridge Guitar

The Sound of a Simon Ambridge Hauser Model

Stephen Kenyon plays Prelude no.1 by Villa Lobos

Noppakorn Auesirinucroch plays Etude No.1 by Giulio Regondi

Stephen Kenyon plays Torija, from the Castles of Spain by Torroba

Matteo Staffini plays Julia Florida by Agustin Barrios Mangoré.

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